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Warcraft DOTA

Warcraft DOTA players post your game experience here

[uli]Favorite Heroes[/uli]
[uli]Favorite Items[/uli]
[uli]Favorite Skills/Spells[/uli]

strategy and tips you can suggest...

for begginner I use Dwarven the Sniper... for long range combat
focus on its agility upgrades
upgrades your movements speed/attack speed on the early level



2007-08-01 12:48:16

pcModz Bot
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Re: Warcraft DOTA


#2 2008-06-20 15:00:55

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Re: Warcraft DOTA

Warcraft - DOTA Installation

Many are those who knows how to play DOTA but does not know how to install it into their computer.
For the first time who do not know how to install DOTA. Here's my guide for installation.

Step 1
Install Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos CD

Step 2
Install Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CD

Step 3:
To play DOTA. You must download the patch @

here's the direct link - … leId=20673

Step 4
After downloading the patch. Install.

Step 5

3 Ways to play Dota:

a] This game may require virtual cd drive software  (Poweriso, Alcohol 120, Magic iso, DAEMON Tools... etc) however, you must create an exact image(*.ISO files) of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CD by using the given softwares. ex. warcraft.iso and insert it to the virtual drive.


b] You can play by inserting Warcraft III: Frozen Throne CD into the drive bay.


c] Take the easiest way and save much of disk space.
    Google a No-CD Crack for Frozen Throne.
    Note: Depending on the patch version you have installed.
    Copy the no-cd crack and overwrite the files in the installation folder.
    Remember to backup your files before overwriting.

Step 6
Create a DOTA folder and rename it to "download" in c:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\

Step 7
Search for DOTA maps at,  epicwars or dota all-star for AI maps. Download it and place it to the renamed folder.

For LAN problems with Windows XP:

Check your firewall:
Go to Control Panel>Security Center>Windows Firewall>Highlight Off> When the Balloon pops up> click Recommendations at Firewall settings> you must choose and check "I have a firewall solution that I'll monitor myself."

Then try to play LAN.

Hope this help and enjoy playing.

For beginners, i prefer Kardel Sharpeye, Venomancer or Sand King.

"Bring your PC over here and we will MODify it!" lolZ


#3 2016-04-29 19:09:54

Jammy Smith
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Re: Warcraft DOTA


Let me try to clear things up a bit, since I realize a single achievement out of context isn't exactly informative. Overall, this is consistent with the plans we announced last year when we added the original Draenor Pathfinder achievement in 6.2.2, and hopefully does not come as a surprise. The underlying philosophy here is explore and master the outdoor world on the ground, in order to unlock the ability to soar above it freely. This time around, since we have our design in place from the start of the expansion, we want to give players as much advance notice as possible, and allow everyone who cares deeply about unlocking flight to understand the requirements and begin progressing towards them immediately. I can't give a detailed estimate of exactly when the next step will unlock. We have a solid patch plan in the works, but we need to remain flexible to adapt to player needs once the expansion launches, and there's no way to even hint at a date without it sounding like a promise. That said, I can say that Part One should represent a significant majority of the total effort required to ultimately unlock flight. Patch content will see players adventuring within new parts of the Broken Isles, and there will likely be one or two additional criteria associated with that content. At that point, players will unlock the ability to fly throughout the Broken Isles. Finally, I've seen some concern about rep "grinding" associated with this achievement. All of the referenced reputations are earned by doing level-up quests and world quests associated with those factions throughout the Broken Isles. There are no mob-grinding components to any of these reputations. Frankly, the Legion Pathfinder achievement was much easier to design than Draenor Pathfinder was, simply because we have much more outdoor world content in Legion.

Jammy Smith


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